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What’s your ultimate backyard dream? A tropical oasis filled with vivid color and cascading waterfalls, or a sparkling blue Olympic sized pool designed for swimming laps and complete with a spa for relaxation? Whatever your dream, Mystic Pools will work with you to create your poolscape from scratch or transform your existing outdoor space into the perfect backyard you long for that will perfectly compliment your lifestyle. Whether fun and functional or decorative and decadent are the order of the day, your options are virtually unlimited.

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Pool Maintenance and Pool Repair

Let our experienced pool technicians help maintain your pool. For pool owners, calcium carbonate can separate from the water due to unbalanced pH levels. This can cause brown, gray or white patches to form on pool tiles. Regular pool maintenance, including balancing the water, can restore and maintain the health of your pool water and prevent scale buildup.

As part of regular pool maintenance, our technicians will test the total alkalinity level to make sure it falls within normal range. We will also test the pool water to monitor the pH levels. These levels can be adjusted if needed by adding a pH balancer to the water.

Additionally, we monitor the calcium hardness level, as high levels of calcium increase the risk for scale buildup. The level can be brought down by adding soft water or using a scale inhibitor.

Following a routine maintenance schedule for cleaning and testing the balance of your water can prevent scale buildup. Daily testing ensures levels remain manageable.

We also recommend scrubbing with a pool brush or a sponge and tile cleaner to help remove light areas of waterline scale buildup.

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